ULTITEC 2000/3000T own better chemical resistance

ULTITEC protects you more than you think!

ULTITEC 2000&3000T shows good performance for resisting chemicals

When workplace hazards involving not only dusts but spraying liquids, ULTITEC 2000 provides better protection than Tyvek Xpert in a lot of chemicals.  There are chosen seven substances which are common applied in industrial workplace, the penetration resistance of ULTITEC 2000 fabric all performs better than Tyvek. 


Great protection from below listed chemicals:


Cutting oil


1. Cutting oil:

provided mechanical processing of coolants and lubricants to absorb the heat from the tool and workpiece. 

WD 40


2. WD 40 (Water Displacement 40th formula):

Resisting anti-rust, lubrication and reducing mechanical noise are the most widely application. 

Methyl alcohol


3. Methyl alcohol:

Approximately 40% of the methanol is converted to formaldehyde, and other applications are to produce plastics, plywood, paints, explosives, and permanent press textiles. 



4. Acetone:

In the chemical industry, synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, paints, plastics, glasses, cosmetics, acetone is an excellent organic solvent for dissolving resin, cellulose acetate, acetylene, etc.. 

Food oil


5. Food oil:

For eating and cooking. It can be seen everyday in food industry and food processing.

Colorant agent


6. Colorant agent:

Widely applied in variety of objects colored, including manicures, leather, stone, wood and plastic products.

Benzalkonium chloride


7. Benzalkonium chloride:

A liquid sanitizer for widely using for house cleaning which is diluted with water by 1: 1000. it can also be used for sterilization of human disinfection by dilution 1: 3000. Dilution application is necessary otherwise the skin contacting can cause itching and symptoms.


You can see these realistic test in our latest video, to experience the well protection effect and work-safety by yourself.


ULTITEC 2000 & ULTITEC 3000T fabric test comparison