ULTITEC 1000FR – Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

ULTITEC 1000FR is made by thicker SMMS fabric with additional flame retardant treatment  ( certified by EN ISO 14116 index 1); it provides limited flame spray protection when work environment involving spark, such as welding.


In oil and gas industries, chemical plants while staffs work in these potential flammable or exposure environment; such as maintain cleaning, or handling light chemical dust and liquid etc., they wear flame resistant garments and hood(ex. Nomex).  It is also recommended to put on ULTITEC 1000FR, outside of Nomex for below benefits.  (It is necessary to wear EN ISO 14116 index 2 or 3 garments inside) 

Wearing ULTITEC 1000FR for Several Benefits:

1. Flame resistant garment is reusable and more expensive. Workers put on ULTITEC 1000FR outside the Nomex can protect their garments to prolong the using duration.


2. The laundry cost of Nomex is not cheap. To use ULTITEC 1000FR outside the flame resistant garment is a good option for daily protective disposable application, to save the laundry cost.


3. ULTITEC 1000FR is type 5, 6 garment can resist light spread chemical dust and liquid, to support that Nomex garment when working under chemical substance environment.


4. ULTITEC 1000FR is treated anti-static, which reduce the risk to trigger spark by electrostatic when environment may have flammable gases.


5. ULTITEC 1000FR can also provide the feature of against radioactive particles contamination; therefore, to protect people from radioactive materials around workplaces.