ULTITEC Rainwear Plus

ULTITEC Rainwear Plus 

Made of innovated tri-laminated non-woven technoloy, ULTITEC Rainwear Plus offers great features of waterproof, breathable and stylish, similar performance of PTFE(Goretex) garments but more affordable.



ULTITEC Rainwear Plus is 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable, lightweight and affordable. It will keep you dry, comfort, and not slow you down by the weight.

ULTITEC Rainwear Plus is made by ULTITEC's innovated SFS fabric and the whole garment is constructed by stitched with waterproof tape seam for complete waterproof protection. It is affordable and high-performing fabric features the best combination of water resistance and breathability. It is soft, quiet and comfortable. Better yet, it is durable and cost effective.

You will get incredible price saving at the same performance as the luxury breathable PTFE or PU garments.



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