Product News

Follow the Golden Triangle Rules will keep the frontline personnel safe at work and return home safely. 1. Identify the risk 2. Select the protective clothing with CE certification 3. Take the correct usage
2020 / Aug / 25
Frontline operators should be given extra care for preventing heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as they must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during COVID-19 infection control.
2020 / Jul / 12
ULTITEC uploaded a collection of online product training videos with multi-language captions for helping our global partners to connect with the end-users.
2020 / Jul / 01
Coverall provides 360 degrees of protection from head to ankle for the whole body including the back region. Coverall is required to pass both fabric and whole garment tests, and a real person is used to simulate daily scenarios that are more in line with the actual situation of use. Coverall with EN 14126 certification will protect you from infective agents. The test includes protection against blood/fluids, blood-borne pathogens, aerosol, dry and wet microbial penetration.
2020 / May / 21
Client Testimonial from Mecca Industries Limited (Trinidad)
2020 / Apr / 14