Why ULTITEC Microporous Fabric Is More Beathable & Liquid Proof

Under electronic microscope,  the pore size of ULTITEC microporous film is more consistent.  On the other hand, the other brands’ microporous pore sizes are not as small and dense as ULTITEC.  


Under hydro-head test, the water drops on ULTITEC fabric are smaller and evenly distributed compare with other brands.  It proves that ULTITEC fabric provides great liquid protection while maintaining  breathability.



MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) ASTM E96 test is greater than 3000 gsm / 24hr, so that the body heat can be released at high temperature.


Liquid Barriers

ULTITEC microporous film pore diameter is 80~120nm and fiber stacking makes texture complex. It holds out liquids and particulates yet still breathable.


ULTITEC microporous film fabric features & beathability test