Donning And Doffing Instruction

Coverall Donning Instruction

Select appropriate coverall and read User Instruction.

Remove shoes and secure trousers into socks. Step into legs of coverall and place coverall over safety boots.

Pull coverall towards arms and shoulders.

Pull zipper halfway up. Put on face mask(or respirator) and goggles. Pull hood over as head coverings. Cover sleeves over gloves.

Zip up coverall to chin and ensure hood fits tightly to face. Seal storm flap with adhesive tape, if any (Applicable for ULTITEC 1800 and above models).

Stretch to ensure coverall fits appropriately for ease of work movement and optimum protection.


  1. DO NOT reuse.
  2. To comply with CE Type 4/5/6 and EN 1073-2, all openings such as wrists, ankles, neck, etc., should be securely taped.

Coverall Doffing Instruction

Remove adhesive tape (Applicable for ULTITEC 1800 and above models).

Unzip to waist.

Grab outer part and pull hood away from head.

Release first arm and strip off glove from behind back.

Release first arm from coverall and glove. Release second arm and glove from inside of coverall. Sit and roll down contaminated coverall from inside towards outside.

Draw out legs from safety boots. Fold or roll into a bundle and dispose coverall responsibly.


  1. Be careful that no contaminant comes into contact with the wearer.
  2. Contaminated garment should be disposed in accordance with local regulations.

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Donning and Doffing Instruction