Derekduck Company Profile

Forerunner & Expert of Protection






DEREKDUCK established in 1992, has been devoting to innovation, R&D, and creation of appropriate body protection. We offer body protection solutions applicable to both medical and industrial fields, which includes chemical protective clothing and infection control gowns. Corporate slogan is “You are safe with us!”,  as we assured frontline operators to work safely even though exposed to hazardous situations in workplace. As a manufacturer with decades of experience in nonwoven materials, DEREKDUCK is known with Professional Service, Technical Support and High Quality Products, which gained recognition worldwide in over 40 countries. 

With over 27 years experience in nonwoven industry, our quality assurance system is inspected, monitored and certified by SGS England (notified body CE0120) and fully meets the requirement of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (Module D2). ULTITEC, manufactured under the rigorous quality standard, strictly follows the European Norm specified in Category III of the Regulation for chemical protective clothing. DEREKDUCK is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and a registered supplier for the US FDA.


ISO 9001: 2015



Module D


Company Strength

1Technical Expertise

Our service platform is built on extensive experience and knowledge in the non-woven industry. We are able to provide products of better quality or meet customer’s specific requirements through our in-depth technical analysis. 


2Integration & Innovation

Vertical integration of production process allows us to better control the quality and cost of products, and we are constantly upgrading the sales packages to maintain our competitive edge in the market.


3Qualification & Certification

To further demonstrate the outstanding quality of its products, Derekduck always seeks to obtain all requisite qualifications and certificates. These on-going efforts are solid proof of our commitment to sustainable growth with our customers.

4Honesty & Keeping Promises

Ducks are migratory birds which travel every year between the north and the south like keeping a promise. Derekduck holds exactly the same spirit and never fails in delivering its promises to its customers.


5Strategic Relationships with Industry Leaders

Working closely with top-tier companies around the world, we are keenly aware of the latest market trend and always endeavor to introduce new products before others do.


6One-Stop Shop Approach

With complete integration of production process, Derekduck supplies a wide range of products for medical, industrial and consumer use. Visit our website and you will find what you need in high quality and very competitive prices!