Thai Oil Spill Cleanup with ULTITEC

Photo Credit: Time Inc / Jack Kurtz 


Photo Credit: Getty images / Nicolas Axelrod


Photo Credit: Getty images / Nicolas Axelrod

On July 27th 2013, about 50,000 liters of oil spilled into the Gulf of Thailand from a leak in a pipeline. The oil slick floated on the sea and stay on the beach.

Thousands of workers, soldiers and volunteers in white protective coveralls keep cleaning the oil from the contaminated beach, in order to reduce terrible damage from this devastating disaster. In this extremely hazardous cleanup action, ULTITEC2000 (Type 5,6) and ULTITEC3000T (Type 4,5,6) coveralls provide the necessary protection against any possible damage to these hard-working cleaners. 

Salutation to these unsung heroes, who risk their life for this cleanup action!