Derekduck on hsi magazine: Choosing Coverall Considerations, Stay safe with Derekduck


Heath & safety international magazine February issue 63






Jason Lin, General Manager (GM) of professional protective clothing manufacturer Derekduck Industries Corp, discusses essential factors of selecting protective clothing.


No more asking “What is the fabric weight?” when purchasing protective clothing. What you really need to concern are the risks encountered and how the protective clothing fits your demands.


Many customers take fabric weight as a concern for quality and price. Jason Lin said: “A good coverall is ascertained by several elements, not only the fabric weight, also other physical performance, tailoring and seam workmanship.


Choosing and applying protective clothing should depend on the level of environmental danger, such as the potential hazardous dust, splashing liquids, pressurized jets, or even gas. Buyers should consider all possible risks. Jason Lin said: “Microporous fabric coverall performs supreme on resisting liquid and biological hazards than multilayer PP nonwoven, nevertheless they are the same type 5/6 protective clothing.”


A good protective clothing has to cover 3 aspects:

Fabric must resist harmful substances, seam workmanship must be durable enough, and tailoring must fit ergonomic design. Protection level and comfortable wearing experience must be considered simultaneously; for example, Full-waist elastic and ample crotch can improve comfort and convenience, while providing the wearer more freedom in case of sudden movements. In addition, Derekduck’s three-piece hood has a good face fit, providing better fit when wearing compatible goggle and respirator.


With more 20-year experiences of manufacturing disposable protective clothing, Derekduck can apply its extensive industry knowledge to provide professional suggestion to customers.


Derekduck Industries Corp.

With stable development and production experience spanning more than 20 years, Derekduck offers excellent technology and service.  ISO 9001:2008 as well as CE Article 11B accredited, Derekduck has its products passed by numerous CE certifications, and is also a registered supplier for US FDA. Derekduck offers safety in quality assurance, professional service, and effective cost on its solution.