Disposable protective coveralls improves efficiency and offers great protection

Protective clothing/coverall is the ultimate shield between you and the hazards. It is a important barrier to prevent workers from long-term or short-term work injury in hazard-threatened environments.


When choosing protective clothing, disposable coverall can be more efficient than re-usable coverall. If considering cost, comfort and convince, disposable coverall can offer lower price, saving laundry cost, light-weight, breathable, and, the most important, chemical resistance. Re-usable coverall cannot provide any chemical protection, so that is a loophole when doing safety management in workplace.


Disposable coverall is required to meet CE certifications, which protect from hazardous particulates, hazardous liquids, anti-static, and anti bio-infective agents.


Please refer the following chart to see more benefits of disposable coverall.


Comparison between Disposable and Re-usable Coverall:

How to select appropriate disposable coveralls?


To reduce the risk in the workplace, proper disposable coveralls shall be selected by identifying the risks in the work environment with CE certification.


A risk assessment shall be implemented before selecting disposable coveralls, and the common hazardous substances in the workplace are listed below.

  • Gas or vapor: compressed gas, toxic vapor, natural gas, medical gas, chemical vapor, etc.
  • Liquid: liquid chemicals, acids, caustic liquids, flammable liquids, etc.
  • Particle: dust, mist, fume, virus particles, etc.


CE certification

The protective clothing shall be selected must be CE marking under regulation (EU) 2016/425, which is the strictest PPE standard at the present. 

For further information, please refer to CE Standard (EU).