ULTITEC 1000LT Meets French Latest Requirement for Asbestos Removal Protection

France INRS, institut national de recherche et de sécurité, this year has recently issued a publication which revealed new higher requirements of protective clothing for asbestos removal operations to protect workers from potential dangers. The new requirements raise some CE PPE type 5,6 test criteria, including: wear, trapping tear, thermal resistance, seam strength and type 5 leak testing.


The French government PPE regulation implements higher standard than European CE certification on protective clothing covered seam. This adjustment not only increases the demands once again, but requests additional test, thermal test, which is not included in CE type 5,6 protective clothing test methods now.


Related information refer to original paper: Protection contre les fibres d’amiante Performances des vêtements de type 5 à usage unique. http://www.inrs.fr/media.html?refINRS=ED%206247


When doing removal operation, asbestos is easily broken into very small particulates which can cause serious body disease by skin touching or inhaling those fine dust. Workers should wear proper protective clothing to build effectively protection against those small asbestos dust.

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