ULTITEC 2000 & 3000T are both newly certified for pesticides protection

DIN 32781, the EU certification for pesticide resistance coverall

For the workers dealing with pesticides or pesticide-related chemicals, EU requires the protective suits to pass DIN 32781, the standard of pesticide protective clothing in German. 

The test standard covers requirements in chemical penetration, fabric strength, and comfort.  The test simulates liquid spray and powder spray of drugs.  Five different pesticides are also tested to ensure protection of the suit. Meanwhile, DIN 32781 also requires breathability; it is not only for comfort use but also to prevent heat exhaustion for long working hours. 

To certified DIN 32781, protective clothing has to pass the higher standard of CE type 4 or type 6 whole suit tests and extra pesticide chemical resistance tests.

Suitable pesticide resistance coverall: ULTITEC 2000, ULTITEC 3000T

ULTITEC 2000 and ULTITEC 3000T protective clothing both exceeds the required test standards and are certificated by DIN 32781.  Now you could rely on ULTITEC 2000 and ULTITEC 3000T for agriculture workers whenever they want to protect from pesticide while having good breathability.