The CE new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 is officially applied TODAY!

Starting from 21 April 2018, any new PPE in the market will be required to comply with new Regulation (EU) 2016/425.  Current holding CE certificates (Article 10) are still valid up to 21st of April 2023 or expired earlier date. The main changes summarized as following:  

1.Type exam certificated is valid for 5 years and it has to be displayed on the certification.

2.Some of specific terms have changed. (Article 10 / 11A / 11B will be changed to Module B, Module C2 and Module D)

3.Specific scope and responsibility for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

4.Categorization of PPE is changed. However, Chemical protective clothing stays in Category III.

5.Bespoke PPE covered by the new regulation.

6.Declaration of Conformity document (or web link) needs to be accessed with each product.

7.Each PPE shall indicate the registered trade name or trade mark, and the postal address of manufacturer / importer.

As a professional protective clothing supplier, Derekduck highly values workers’ safety, aims to provide appropriate coverall to the front line workers through our partners.  All ULTITEC coveralls are processing new certification, and will make sure to 100% follow the new EU regulation in a timely manner.