Derekduck Offered a Speech at Taiwan Hualien County Health Department Seminar

Due to Ebola outbreak causes international societies highly intention, Taiwan CDC starts to do preparation for Ebola protection advocacy and excises in Taiwan. By this needs, Derekduck was invited to provide a speech at ‘’protective clothing using and quality control management advocacy forum’’ in Hualien County Health Department on Dec. 19, 2014. 

As a professional protective coverall manufacturer and brand, Jason Lin, general manager of Derekduck, shared his knowledge and experiences to all audiences how to choose and how to wear medical protective clothing in order to reduce the risk on infection control. 

Jason Lin highlighted the key points which medical protective clothing played in diseases protection. And he also enhanced there are three crucial aspects to reach the goal:

(1) to use well qualified coverall,

(2) donning and doffing coverall correctly, and

(3) the correct way of coverall preservation and abandon.

ULTITEC is a professional industrial and medical protective clothing brand owned by Derekduck. All product lines meet CE standard and WHO recommended specification on protective clothing. The ULTITEC 2000 exceeds EN 14126 certification, and is applying by Taiwan CDC now. ULTITEC is the one of only two products selected by Taiwan CDC’s medical purchase standard.