CE Standard (EU)

Protective Clothing CE Standard (EU Standard)


Category I: Simple products

Products which are not suitable to protect against any form of hazard.


Category II: Intermediate products

Products which fall neither into categories I nor III.


Category III: Complex products

Products which are worn or held in order to protect against any hazard which may be life threatening.




TYPE 1 EN 943-1

Type 1     Gas Tight Suits

Suits which are intrinsically sealed against the environment.

There are included in three types:

Type 1a:Respiratory supply equipments are wore inside the protective clothing.
Type 1b:Respiratory supply equipments are wore outside the protective clothing.
Type 1c:Equipped with positive-pressure breathing apparatus, such as air duct.





TYPE 2 EN 943-1

Type 2    Non-Gas Tight Suits 

Suits which retain a positive internal pressure to prevent ingress of dusts, liquids or vapours.




TYPE 3 EN 14605

Type 3    Liquid Tight Suits

Suits which can protect against strong and directional jets of a liquid chemical such as spray from a burst pipe under pressure. Requires a barrier fabric and sealed seams.



TYPE 4 EN 14605

Type 4     Spray Tight Suits

Suits which can protect against saturation of liquid chemical, where volume of the liquid builds up on the suit forming pools, resulting in rivulets. Requires a barrier fabric and sealed seams.



TYPE 5 EN ISO 13982-1

Type 5     Dry Particle Suits

Suits for protection against hazardous dusts and any dry particles.




TYPE 6 EN 13034

Type 6     Reduced Spray Suits 

Suits for protection against light spray and splashes of liquid chemicals where there is no directional spray or build up of liquid on the suit, but there may be a fine mist of droplets in the atmosphere.




EN 1149-5

Anti- Stastic

Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing with a surface resistance of maximum 2.5x 10 exp 9 ohm.




EN 1073-2

Radioactive Contamination

Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination.





Against Biological Hazardous Contamination

Protective clothing can resist against biological hazards and infective agents.




EN ISO 14116

Limited Flame Spread Protection

Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing.