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Ergonomic Design Strength

Ergonomic Design of ULTITEC coverall Improve Comfort & Safety

The wearers will appreciate ULTITEC coverall on the fact of more freedom of movement and less risk of rupture than others. (ULTITEC 500 to ULTITEC 3000T adopted.)

3-piece hood ULTITEC

3D profile fits the head better allowing greater freedom of movement and tight seal of  wearing respirator.

2-piece hood

Fully elasticated waist ULTITEC 

Fitting on your body shape which offers convenience without  wearing a balloon.

Back elasticized waist

Ample crotch ULTITEC

3D fitting shape spreading the stress and enhancing durability which improves wearer movement and comfort.

No ample crotch

Try ULTITEC coveralls
and feel the difference by yourself!

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