Particles, Light Chemical Spray & Flame-Retardant Protective Clothing

Protect wearers and their reusable flame-resistant suit from limited flame spread and chemicals.

  • TYPE 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry Particle Suits-Suits for protection against hazardous dust and any dry particles.
  • TYPE 6 EN 13034 Reduced Spray Suits- Determination of resistance to penetration by reduced liquid spray
  • EN 1149-5 Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing with a surface resistance of maximum 2.5×10 exp 9 ohms.
  • EN 1073-2 Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination.
  • EN 14116 Flame Retardant Requirements for limited flame spread Index 1 including no spreading of the flame, no flaming debris, no afterglow, a hole may be formed.    *Only fabric reach EN 14116 requirement.


  • Meet EN ISO 14116 Index 1, offer limited flame spread protection for your high-price flame resistant garment.
    Notes: According to EN ISO 14116 Index 1, the limited flame spread coverall must never be in direct contact with skin. ULTITEC 1000FR must be always worn on top of Index 2 or 3 thermal protective garments and hoods.
  • Provide protection for chemical hazards.


Gas & Oil, Metal Welding, Petrochemical, Railway, Utilities.


Multilayer SMMS fabric with FR treatment


  • 4-thread overlocked seam
  • 7-9 stitches per inch
  • Thread fibre is 150D
  • Bite depth at 4mm

PDF Downloads

ULTITEC 1000FR Declaration of Conformity
ULTITEC 1000FR Technical Data Sheet
User Instruction for ULTITEC 1000FR
ULTITEC 1000FR UKCA Declaration of Conformity

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