Comfortable Liquid Splash Resistant Protective Clothing

Designed for hot environment, bringing high breathability through its breathable back panel. It offers exceptional comfort while keeping superior protection in front area.

  • TYPE 5 EN ISO 13982-1 Dry Particle Suits-Suits for protection against hazardous dust and any dry particles.
  • TYPE 6 EN 13034 Reduced Spray Suits- Determination of resistance to penetration by reduced liquid spray
  • EN 1149-5 Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing with a surface resistance of maximum 2.5×10 exp 9 ohms.
  • EN 1073-2 Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination.


Designed for workplace where main liquid risks come towards the front of wearer
Front fabric made of ULTITEC 2000 fabrics serves as main protection panel while Back fabric made of ULTITEC 1000L fabric offers breathability.

Prevents occupational heat exposure in workplace
The combination of microporous fabric, SMS fabric and ergonomic design improve airflow in releasing body heat, thus reduce the risk of heat stress.

Sealed seam offers premium protection
Chemical-proof tape on seam to ensure wearer being protected compatible with fabric.


Agriculture, Automotive, Cleaning Process, Construction, Electronic Industry, Food Industry, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Painting, Steel.


2000 Fabric

Microporous Film Laminated PPSB

Multilayer SMS fabric


  • 4-thread overlocked seam
  • 7-9 stitches per inch
  • Thread fibre is 150D
  • Bite depth at 4mm

PDF Downloads

ULTITEC 2000B Declaration of Conformity
ULTITEC 2000B Technical Data Sheet
User Instruction for ULTITEC 2000B
ULTITEC 2000B UKCA Declaration of Conformity

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