ULTITEC Rainwear Lite

ULTITEC Rainwear Lite

Made of innovated bi-laminated non- woven technology, ULTITEC Rainwear Lite offers great feature of breathable, lightweight and portable. Neither will you endure the sticky of non-breathable rubber, harmful PVC or PU-coated garment!



ULTITEC Rainwear Lite is 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable, lightweight and portable. It will keep you dry, and easy carry with economy choice.

ULTITEC Rainwear Lite is made by ULTITEC’s innovated BWF fabric and the whole garment is constructed by ultrasonic bound seam for complete waterproof protection. It is inexpensive and high-performing fabric features the best combination of water resistance and breathability. It is thin and lightweight, making the garments incredibly portable. Better yet, it is affordable and cost effective.

You will get outstanding comfort and protection at the same price as the lesser, non-breathable rubber, plastic or PVC-coated garments.



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