ULTITEC 5000 High-level Chemical & Liquid Jet Resistant Coverall

ULTITEC 5000 High-level Chemical & Liquid Jet Resistant Protective Coverall

This super robust protective coverall is made by sophisticated fabric with all seams covered by compatible chemical proof tape.  The coverall affords excellent protection in extremely hazardous conditions.



High-level chemical hazards protection for type 3


Manufactured from an advanced multilayer composite fabric and compatible chemical-proof tape, ULITITEC 5000 provides exceptional barrier against directional liquid jets, and wide range of both organic and inorganic toxic chemicals.



Sealed design offers optimum protection


Well-designed hood fits respirator perfectly, double layer storm flaps ensure liquid tight seal for the zipper. These designs provide excellent protection when working under extremely hazardous environments.



Chemical Handling, Decontamination, Disaster Management, Petrochemical, Tank Cleaning, Oil Refinery

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chemical resistant coveralls fabric construction

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