Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring Your Safety, Protecting Our Environment

Derekduck contributes itself to preventing from potential threatening industrial or medical working environment, by supplying supreme safety protection.  Live safely is the goal that Derekduck strives for regarding social responsibility.  In Year 2014, Derekduck cooperated with the government to hold the seminar of Protection and Rescue; hosted training course for medical staffs with Taiwan CDC; assisted in setting up Ebola protection network.


Ebola explodedly spread in Year 2014, Derekduck donated 10,000 pcs personal protective clothing, which complies with WHO recommended PPE devices, to Taiwan CDC for the use of front-line anti-decease practice,  to be part of Ebola fighting preparation in Taiwan.  The donated protective garments were also used on Taiwan Avian Influenza in Year 2015.


With “Safety” belief, Derekduck will keep rejoining social responsibility, in addition to pursue quality and service, give play to the spirit of “from the society, to the society”, sponsor the tasks of social welfare, carry forward Taiwanese Branding.